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The Top Reasons to Choose Linoleum Flooring in Montgomery, AL

You may think of linoleum as an old floor installed in your grandmother's house, but linoleum flooring in Montgomery, AL is back in fashion and is regarded to be a durable floor again in the years to come. It is becoming increasingly popular in the residential sector, not only for its numerous advantages as a flooring material but also for its eco-friendly nature. Plus, there are many top reasons why linoleum proves to offer outstanding effects to every space in your property, such as:

Linoleum Flooring Salem, OR

Impressively durable. Most linoleum floors in AL have a long-term warranty, and with proper care and maintenance, the product's life can be extended. Linoleum floors are an excellent choice for every room in your house that is very busy. The color of the material holds everything, so you don't have to worry about your design losing its vitality after a few years.

Vast color and pattern range. This is the most appreciated advantage of linoleum when installing linoleum flooring in AL. You can choose the pattern and color depending on your personal taste. Not only is there a vast variety of colors, but you can also find themes of your choice for different spaces, such as kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, or public spaces. Linoleum can also be used for schools with various attractive motifs.

Water-resistant. Homeowners usually like to add linoleum flooring to their kitchens, dining rooms, and other areas where more frequent leaks are expected. This is because linoleum is water-resistant, and all types of stains can be very easily removed with damp or soapy water and a towel without damaging it.

Less maintenance. Linoleum flooring is one of the simplest floor materials for cleaning and maintenance. Quick sweeping or vacuuming at any time will remove debris that can scratch the linoleum over time, such as occasional wet washing with hot water. Because the color of linoleum passes entirely to the material, if it stains or scratches, you can remove the damage and remodel the floor. 

Greener option. The name linoleum refers to all the natural roots of the product. Linoleum is also easily recyclable and biodegradable. Because of its wood components, you can dispose of the material after years, even compost it in your garden. And it's completely natural composition ensures that it does not emit any harmful organic compounds!

Allergy-friendly. If you are allergic, when choosing linoleum, you do not have to worry about choosing a floor that affects the air quality in your house because it has antimicrobial properties. This means that it inhibits the growth and spread of harmful microorganisms. In addition, because it is antistatic, dust and dirt cannot quickly accumulate on this floor. 

Affordable choice. The most significant advantage of linoleum flooring in AL is its price. It is cheaper than other natural materials such as ceramics, wood, or stone. The price of linoleum is more comparable to vinyl at the first purchase and acquisition cost.

With all these advantages, linoleum may just be the perfect match for your space! Although special designs and colors can be more expensive, linoleum can be purchased at a reasonable price per square foot. 

So, if you are looking for a water-resistant, durable, easy-to-maintain floor that will look great and provide years of aesthetic beauty and comfort to your family, linoleum may be the only floor covering you are looking for.

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